BBC London
Opening of Bruce Nauman Exhibition at Tate Modern
October 2020
Saatchi Gallery
Start Art Fair
Featuring "Love Don't Pay" Neon
Tate Modern
Live Studio Visit
December 2020
On Tuesday 8th December at 14:00 GMT, visitors to Tate’s Instagram will be invited into the studio of London-based neon artist Eve De Haan aka @halfaroastchicken. On Instagram Live, Eve will show how she creates her incredible text-based neon works and discuss some major influences on her practice, including Bruce Nauman, who’s solo exhibition is open at Tate Modern until 21 February 2021. Viewers will gain an insight into the technical process of working with such delicate materials and have the chance to learn more about Eve’s favourite works.
Nike Tights Campaign
House Of Vans
February 2021
We're excited to present our third COMMUNITY MARKET, this time in partnership with Creative Debuts we'll be showcasing some of London's brightest emerging artists and designers.

Creative Debuts aim to make art more accessible, tackling the hurdles faced by undiscovered creatives and we'll be inviting you to meet, browse and shop from ten of their resident artists for 24 hours over on our Instagram Stories from 10am on Saturday, February 6th.

Featuring work from the likes of Haus of Lucy, who injects fresh life into old ornaments, minimalist artist Butler and neon designer Eve de Haan whose work looks at technology's imprint on youth culture.

Browse happy!
It's Nice That
Eve De Haan’s neon artworks share snippets of stories for viewers to finish
30 June 2021
The London-based artist tells us about the importance of storytelling in her practice: “It is a way of carrying culture.”

Based in London, Eve De Haan’s portfolio is replete with neon artworks, each sharing a different story, thought or catchphrase through short snippets of text. It’s an approach that developed out of her theology degree, where she realised encapsulating narratives through the written word was the best way to evoke collective emotions in an audience. With clear visual references to artists like Tracey Emin and Martin Creed, Eve’s artworks probe topics including technology, youth culture, and relationships.
Art Plugged
Neon Artist Eve De Haan Collaborates With Reclaim These Streets
April 2021
Neon Artist Teams with Zebra One Gallery and Reclaim These Streets for ‘Text Me When You Get Home’ Charity Campaign.

Celebrated neon artist, Eve De Haan will shine a light on London’s streets and women’s safety issues, tomorrow (April 15), with an illuminated billboard campaign curated by Zebra One Gallery, promoting Reclaim These Streets’ ‘Text Me When You Get Home’ campaign, with all profits donated to make the UK a safer, fairer place for women.
Notion Magazine
Female artists from across the world come together for new "Nasty Women: Empowerment" exhibition
Yee Haw! Celebrating Our AW18 Shoot With Eve De Haan
November 2018

Take a walk past our flagship South Molton Street boutique and a flash of neon is sure to catch your eye.

London based artist Eve De Haan @halfaroastchicken has created a series of neon light installations utilising images of the Texan landscape from our latest AW18 editorial shoot. On location, Luna Bilj a model/ bloxer/ motorcross extraordinaire and Luka Isaac, a cool-as-they-come model/ DJ showcased this season's must-have looks against the backdrop of a rodeo, state fair and beauty pageant – discover the shoot here.

A total of six luminescent slogans appear in-store and are too good to not seize a photo opp. Eve De Haan already features in our Browns East gallery and is the perfect fit to make our Texan landscape photos in neon Americana art pieces.
London On The Inside
March 2021
Not Just Another Store on Redchurch Street has teamed up with Soho House and Black Pound Day to exhibit artworks by Eve De Haan in the windows. Not only can you swing by and check out her neons, the works are also available to purchase with both Eve and Not Just Another Store pledging to give a percentage of the proceeds to a POC creative to support them and their work during what has been a tough time for the creative community.
Art Plugged
Don't Cry Over Spilt Milk
October 2021
On the 14th of October 2021, Half a Roast Chicken, otherwise known as Eve de Haan, will transform a slice of Canary Wharf into a place of pure, undiluted happiness as she showcases her latest and most extensive body of work to date. In a collaborative exhibition with Creative Debuts titled ‘Don’t cry over spilt milk’. Celebrated for her attractive installations that gleam thought-provoking messages. De Haan describes the space as a ‘Wonder Ground’ which will bathed in neon light, pink hues and purple lavender.
Canary Wharf
Don't Cry Over Spilt Milk
October 2021
Half a Roast Chicken & Creative Debuts present ‘Don’t cry over split milk’, an immersive exhibition which transforms a slice of Canary Wharf into a place of pure, unadulterated happiness. The space, which the artist describes as a ‘Wonder Ground’, is bathed in neon light, pink hues and purple lavender. The title of the exhibition, Don’t cry over split milk, is a reminder not to let things we cannot change get in the way of the happiness we all deserve. Through exploring the different sections of the exhibit you will be immersed in the artist’s unexpected, but also familiar thoughts, and reminded of the power of positivity.
Ankle Biters
Eve De Haan Shines Light on London’s Unsafe Streets
April 2021

Celebrated neon artist, Eve De Haan will shine a light on London’s streets and women’s safety issues, tomorrow (April 15), with an illuminated billboard campaign curated by Zebra One Gallery, promoting Reclaim These Streets’ ‘Text Me When You Get Home’ campaign, with all profits donated to make the UK a safer, fairer place for women.

The billboards in places including Shoreditch, Fulham, Peckham and Dalston will display Eve’s art – an image of a deserted street after dark, with the poignant, glowing words, ‘Text Me When You Get Home,’ a familiar phrase which often replaces ‘goodbye’ for women, representing how safeguarding and safety fears have become a routine way of life for females after dark. As well as illuminating the dark streets, the urban exhibition marks the start of the Reclaim These Streets movement’s new campaign, which aims to use legislation, education and community action to ensure no woman has to be asked to ‘Text Me When You Get Home’ again.
Woman Alive
Shining a light on women’s safety
April 2021
Celebrated neon artist, Eve De Haan has created an illuminated billboard campaign that is being exhibited from 15 April.

The billboards have been put in places including Shoreditch, Fulham, Peckham and Dalston and display an image of a deserted street after dark, with the poignant, glowing words: “Text Me When You Get Home.” This familiar phrase often replaces ‘goodbye’ for women, representing how safeguarding and safety fears have become a routine way of life for females after dark.
May 2019
A group show featuring works by recognised artists Sara Pope, Thomas Webb, Lauren Baker, and Eve de Haan for the gallery’s first group exhibition in its new space. This collection of works explore themes lying within the realm of futurism.
Andrea Tyrimos X Eve De Haan
November 2017
An exhibition featuring the work of Andrea Tyrimos and Eve De Haan held at Greens for Him, a designer menswear store. @greens_for_him | | @andrea_tyrimos | @halfaroastchicken
GQ Magazine
Tinie Tempah at home to launch new LVMH drinks venture
May 2017
It's Nice That
Nike commissions seven female artists for new campaign
November 2017
Nike has commissioned a string of female artists to launch a new line of workout trousers. Nike Pants Studio asked seven women to turn their love of fitness into an artwork for the brand. Working in everything from neon lights to photography over layered with embroidery, the seven commissions are as broad as the sports they represent.

London-based neon artist Eve De Haan used her signature pink fluro lettering to spell out “power is power” in ode to the “power” exercise tights.
Here’s Why Nike Are Championing 7 Badass Female Artists
November 2017
It's not everyday that a big-name fashion brand joins forces with with some badass up-and-coming female artists. But to launch their new workout pants line Nike Pant Studio, Nike have done exactly that.**

To celebrate the launch of the new Nike Pants Studio (each tight has been specifically designed for a different kind of workout), Nike have teamed up with seven cool AF artists who love sport and fitness. These talented gals have whipped up some mega cool art incorporating the pants - see for yourself, below.
Jealous Gallery
November 2016

Space Station Gallery located at 159 Bermondsey Street SE1 3UW (opposite White Cube) is pleased to showcase the neon artwork of the emerging young artist - Eve De Haan with a week long exhibition entitled 'It is what it is'.

The young artist was recently featured in Lights of Soho and will show new whimsicial and witty pieces exploring the dialogue between contemporary language and incorporated objects often to comic effect.
Say it with a neon, Eve De Haan’s installations
January 2019
Eve De Haan is an artist from London who has exhibited her works in Europe and America. After graduating in theology she decided to communicate through art, especially that of installation, developing a strong body of work that examines the concepts of change and the imprint of technology on youth culture. In 2017 her works were exhibited at Museum of Neon Art in Los Angeles and on a variety of platforms including GQ, The Times Style, and Refinery29.

Her creations are provocative and daring and they deepen the concepts of gender roles and the nuances of meaning within a sentence. The power of words, combined with that of the images become a very powerful weapon on social platforms such as Instagram.
Imitate Modern
Get to Know: Eve De Haan
May 2019
To celebrate our newest event FUTURAMA, taking place at our brand NEW GALLERY space in Shoreditch. We will be getting to know each of our artists in the run up to the show, opening May 2. Here’s EVE DE HAAN!

Eve De Haan, otherwise known as Half a Roast Chicken is a London-based artist whose love of the written word can be felt through her nostalgic creations. Exhibiting her work across Europe and America, Eve’s curious nature is expressed predominantly through her neon works. And while her degree in Theology may seem unexpected, it has arguably been the catalyst of her creations and the connection between unusual objects and the lyrical text that appear over them.
Wall Street International Magazine
Neon Wonderland
April 2018
Since neon’s commercial inception by French chemist George Claude, the Noble gas has captured many a gaze. But it was the works of Bruce Nauman in the 70’s and, more recently, Tracey Emin which has bought about the next loving phase of neon art works, establishing neon as a must-have for many contemporary art collectors.

... Eve De Haan is a London-based artist who has exhibited her work in Europe and in America. Her Theology degree has helped inform and influence her work, developing a strong body of installations which examine concepts of change and the imprint technology makes on youth culture.

Her creations are provocative and challenging. Through her love of the written word, Eve delves into the concepts of gender roles, exploring the gradients and shades of meaning within a statement. Eve finds neon an ideal medium to explore the expression and the changeable nuances within words that are so readily used in society today.
Creative Debuts
Artist Profile
Eve finds neon as a medium to be perfect to accentuate how there are gradients and shades of meaning within a statement.

She has exhibited globally and worked with prolific brands.
Woodbury House Gallery
Facebook Video
October 2018
The Style Traveller
Amanda Wakeley and Eve de Haan Royal Academy Party
July 2018
To celebrate the 250th anniversary of the Royal Academy of Arts, renowned British fashion designer Amanda Wakeley has joined forces with neon artist Eve de Haan to create an installation exhibition in the designers Albemarle Street Flagship Store. The installation will be on show from June 22nd – July 8th.
Hush UK
Neon Signs to Light Up the Party
No longer reserved for back street bars or ‘man-caves’, neon signs are making their way from the Las Vegas strip straight into our homes. Think bold, attention-grabbing designs that can light up a party!

Now that it's officially the festive season, why not invest in a piece of art that will make your home feel party ready. Quirky signage will spark conversation between guests whilst adding vivid mood lighting to any room. Our love for neon even extends to our pop-up shops, with each featuring an incredible custom-made neon sign by artist Eve De Haan.
Shoreditch Design Triangle
Private Viewing: Eve De Haan presents DISTRACTION
January 2018
To mark the centenary of a landmark in the campaign for women’s suffrage, Eve De Haan presents a body of work that hopes to encourage dialogue on the representation of women in the media. Through the various communication channels that are used to reach us, projections of women can be misrepresented. The media can be an instrument for change but it depends on who is piloting the plane. This exhibition is a middle finger to the distractions disrupting us from reaching our full potential and a celebration of an alternative focus.
Art and Cake LA
Women in Neon at MONA
December 2017
She Bends: Women in Neon at the Museum of Neon Art in Glendale offers 29 women artists working in rich, glowing, lustrous colors, in abstract and figurative forms, in curves and lines and varying textures of light and types of gasses.
Ten Days in Paris
May 2019
“Can’t Be Deleted” is a joint show opening this week at Le Pigalle hotel in a collaboration with Woodbury House. Artists Thomas Webb and Eve De Haan transform the hotel space into a futuristic, ultra-neon street of social media and internet powered artwork curated by Michael Joseph Doohan.
Female Neon Benders Take Over The MONA
October 2017
From fashion advertisements to music videos, the millennial obsession with bright colors has taken over Pinterest, Tumblr, and Instagram. Neon on the screen is one thing, but what are female artists doing to showcase the medium in a new light? In the following radio story, join Brit Wigintton as she attends the opening of “She Bends” at The Museum of Neon Art in Glendale, CA to find out.
Beat to Be
July 2019
The artist I'm talking about today is Eve De Haan , who you may already follow online under the name of “Half a Roast Chicken”.

Based in London, Eve has exhibited in Europe and America (among the most important exhibitions that at the Museum of Neon Art in Los Angeles). The Neon Art Museum ?! Yes, you read that right!

Neons are the artist's primary means of creation - as are many of [her] contemporary colleagues...
Mundo Flaneur
Neon Art Por Eve De Haan
September 2017
Eve De Haan es una artista de Londres. Habiendo dejado la universidad con una licenciatura en Teología, Eve ha dedicado tiempo a crear; ha escrito, ilustrado y auto-publicado un libro para niños, tomado en proyectos de diseño de interiores, y produjo una colección de ilustraciones usando luces de neón.

Su amor por la palabra escrita le ha dado una inclinación hacia las palabras en su arte, se adentra en el mundo de la expresión y del matiz. Eva considera el neón como el medio perfecto para acentuar cómo hay gradientes y tonos de significado dentro de una declaración. Ella cree que la luz realmente agrega sombra al significado de una declaración.

Su último trabajo ha sido un reflejo de la naturaleza imponente de la tecnología en la cultura juvenil dentro de la sociedad actual.
Live Fast Magazine
With Her Own Hands: She Bends Highlights 29 Female Neon Artists
September 2017
The Museum of Neon Art recently debuted She Bends: Women in Neon, the largest and most inclusive all-female neon exhibition… Ever. Curated by neon artist Meryl Pataky, She Bends features 29 artists who use neon as their primary medium, despite being in the midst of a primarily male-dominated trade. Each work is intimate, with the woman either bending the tubes herself or installing and assembling with her own hands. With a myriad of backgrounds – some of the featured artists have their own neon shops or work in one while others teach the craft, this show shines light on an often overlooked demographic within the art world.

Pushing back against the notion that neon is solely a man’s field, She Bends allows us to appreciate a group of women who craft exquisite pieces with their own two hands. Featured artists include Kate Hush, Eva De Haan, Megan Stelljes, Meryl Pataky, Olivia Steele, and more, this exhibition is not to be missed. On display at Glendale’s Museum of Neon Art from now until February 11th, 2018.