Don’t cry over spilt milk
Creative Debuts
14 October - 13 November 2021
Mall Level -1, Unit 3, Canada Place, London
Half a Roast Chicken & Creative Debuts present ‘Don’t cry over spilt milk’, an immersive exhibition which transforms a slice of Canary Wharf into a place of pure, unadulterated happiness. The space, which the artist describes as a ‘Wonder Ground’, is bathed in neon light, pink hues and purple lavender.

The title of the exhibition, Don’t cry over spilt milk, is a reminder not to let things we cannot change get in the way of the happiness we all deserve. Through exploring the different sections of the exhibit you will be immersed in the artist’s unexpected, but also familiar thoughts, and reminded of the power of positivity.
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The Old Truman Brewery | Video filmed by Yaroslava Malkova